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Code Snippet JavaScript JQuery SharePoint Services SharePoint Workflow SP Workflowservices

One very useful tool at our disposal is the ability to start Workflows via JavaScript with the use of JQuery (you can replace the JQuery parts to make it full JavaScript if required) This is great for creating custom actions…


Force delete site form recycle bin in SharePoint Online Admin Tenancy

If you find yourself in the situation where you have deleted a site from the admin centre but need to create a site with the same name you won’t be able to until the site is removed from the admin…

Code Snippet SharePoint List Settings SharePoint Useful Tricks

Calculate business days between two date period

Ever needed to work out how many business days exist between one date and another? Look no further! The below calculation came about as part of a need to calculate case deadlines based on business days only (i.e excluding weekends)….

Creating vote by e-mail functionality in SharePoint

In this article we’ll look at a very handy way of creating a custom solution to allow us to collect votes on practically any list within SharePoint online.

In this scenario we have a nomination system that allows staff to vote for other staff members to be awarded a prize for their hard work (we will not be running through setting that part up here). At the end of the month a report is generated showing alvl of the nominations for that particular month, an e-mail is then sent out with the details of each nomination to allow certain people to vote on who the winner should be.


Search Users (People Picker) in a site collection using REST API

The REST API’s on offer in SharePoint are truly staggering and open the doors to endless possibilities. You can query pretty much anything from a document library or list using the endless API’s. In this article you can find some…

Modify the Asset Picker folder locations in SharePoint

One of the annoying features of the asset picker within SharePoint is the inability to restrict which sites and libraries show up within the left hand navigation window so you can’t restrict what users see and what they can select…