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Populate PeoplePicker with current logged in user in SharePoint 2013 with jQuery

Use the following jQuery code to populate a people picker field on a SharePoint form using jQuery and the CurrentContext object within a browser session var loginName = _spPageContextInfo.userLoginName; //get login name form current session in browservar pplPckr = $(“span[data-displayname=’Requested…

Get all Standard (First) Release users in tenancy

Use the following code snippet to get all of the users within your tenancy that are registered for first release (AKA Standard Release) and export the user list to a CSV file in the C:\ drive Connect-MsolService -Credential $UserCredential Get-MsolUser…

Azure App approve permissions as an admin

If you have an application registration setup in Azure for custom app access to your Office 365 tenancy which requires administrator approved permissions then you will first need approval from an administrator at least once in order to activate these…

Getting Azure Groups from REST API

In this post we’ll look at getting Azure Groups from REST API service SharePoint Online. This can then be used to iterate through all of the members in the group allowing us to extract individual information about the users. Great…

Iterate through all items in a SharePoint list using JSOM

The following code can be used to iterate through all of the items within a list and pull out all of the relevant fields from each item. This is very useful for building your own content using the data stored…

Check-in, publish and approve all items within a specific list in all sites within a tenancy

Publish all files in a document library programatically using Powershell and SharePoint Online What is a Publishing enabled site? A SharePoint publishing site is a classic site that’s built using a publishing site template. It’s a site where authoring and…

Get all sites in a SharePoint Online Tenancy

In order to Get all sites from within an SharePoint Online tenancy we can run a pretty simple PowerShell script which then exports all of the information into a text file. This is great for auditing purposes:

Get all deleted sites within SharePoint Admin Centre

Use the script below to get all of the deleted sites in the SharePoint Admin Recycle bin for your tenancy

Enable or disable a site feature in SP 2013/Online

Use the code listed in the embed below to add or remove a feature on a site – un-comment the relevant section to set the script to enable or disable the feature

Create Modern Portal SharePoint site in SharePoint Online using powershell

Use the script below to create a new Modern Portal site within SharePoint Online using c# PowerShell