The boring stuff
I currently hold an Honorary Masters in International Business MSc and an Honorary BSc in Computing and project management. I have worked within the web development and software engineering sector for over 10 years now specialising in Microsoft SharePoint Online and it’s Office 365 product set including Azure and the Graph API.

The fun stuff
Looking for a friendly, experienced and easy to understand developer & architect? Look no further, I pride myself on being a friendly, passionate and thorough individual who thrives on solving problems and providing business solutions from the smaller projects to the more complex ones. I focus on not only providing systems that function as required but also look beautiful in the process.

Please take a look at my portfolio below for some example of these. I have amassed a large wealth of knowledge and experience over the past few years within web technologies and software development.  My key area of skill at the moment is SharePoint Online and the other Office 365 product sets – SPFx, Azure, integration with Microsoft Graph API’s, SP Workflows, PowerAutomate, PowerApps and Dynamics 365.

I am a passionate web designer and solutions builder using technologies including REST/CAML, XML & JSON, JSOM, CSOM,,, C#, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5, REACT, Node.js, SQL and PHP which has allowed me to deliver on nearly every business requirement I have had the fortune of working on. I am an excellent documentator and pride myself on being able to provide well documented and concise functional design documents and user guides. 

I am very experienced with SharePoint workflows, MS PowerAutomate, PowerApps, search service, taxonomy service, metadata and document content types, content type hubs, profile management and all other SharePoint related services. I have worked on many projects in the past including complete solo SharePoint intranet developments with advanced features and functionality to smaller projects developing siloed solutions.

I have also built bespoke systems including to name a few, customer feedback and complaints systems, a fully automated consent management system for GDPR including integration with other systems, a Safeguarding system for recording and monitoring safeguarding and vulnerable people cases as well as many more projects.

I have developed and built within PowerApps, PowerAutomate, Dynamics 365, Teams with React and Dataverse, Azure and other services such as the Bot service. Although I specialise in SharePoint it is by no means my only area of focus or dedication. Understanding the different technologies available is crucial to system planning as well as delivery.

SharePoint Learning Hub

A full learning and development hub with customised search functionality and advanced integration between SharePoint and the Canvas School management system in addition to the Badgr App providing a gamification aspect to the learning experience

Company Extranet

Internal SharePoint intranet acting as the central hub for all company information and resources, linked behind each of these are public and private team sites for each department and team

SPFx Examples

A Favourites Webpart and Application Customizer that follows the user around SharePoint in the bottom left hand corner allowing the user to add favourites into their favourites from any page. It also comes as a webpart

A Canvas API Webpart using Azure function apps with AD Authentication to authenticate access to a third party educational management system that pulls through all courses and educational resources linked to that individual

A custom built MS Teams webpart used to pull through chat messages from MS Teams including replies, media, and other action cards and the ab

An few different SPFx webparts and Extensions that work as independent webparts and also as list view extensions allowing SharePoint lists and library functionality to be extended.

An External Sites Creator Webpart that allows a user with appropriate permissions to create a new External site which has a Site Design applied to it, page structure added and is linked to a site hub

A Hero Webpart that allows multiple images with customised titles, descriptions and hyperlinks to be added onto any SharePoint page

A Badgr API Webpart that connects to the open source Badgr platform using AD secured Azure Function apps to retrieve all badges for the logged in user

Tiles V2 – A tiles webpart that extends the out of box tiles functionality to allow customised sizes, colours and responsive layouts including the new icon selection feature

Power App Examples

The following PowerApp showcases a fully customisable and adaptable Desk Booking System that allows staff members to book out a desk within one of the allocated office by using a floor plan layout, they also have the option to add a car parking space if required. All bookings are followed up with an e-mail and are automatically added to the users Outlook calendar.

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The following PowerApp showcases a Reception Check-In app that allows visitors to check-in at reception via a tablet and automatically have an e-mail and SMS text message sent to the person they are visiting based on that employees Office 365 profile. The visitors can checkout themselves afterwards by searching for their name as they entered it when signing in.

Staff and more importantly fire wardens/fire marshals can access the data of everyone checked-in to the system from any compliant mobile/tablet to ensure no one is left inside the building during emergency evacuations

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Sales App for sales representative selling promotional products to customers using tablets, mobiles and laptop devices within PowerApps and web browsers.

The admins control the client data entered (offers available, promotions etc) as well as the potential sale metrics (different client levels have different promotional rates) and the representative profiles. Each client is assigned to a representative (many to one) and each representative is allocated sales targets based on those set by the admins.

The representative has all of the information in a graphical format available to them instantly within the app, any changes to the data (such as units purchased) results in the dataset and graphs being updated. At the end of the sale agreement the rep can then print out the summary of the order as well as e-mailing it through to the client.

Everything in this app is stored in SharePoint due to the need for visibility and quick editing in excel like views which is native to SharePoint, however the same result could have been achieved in a much simpler manner using the CDS as an alternative data store

Due to time constraints on delivery the following application, app logic and associated SharePoint lists were built within 5 days

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The following Agile Working App was created to provide a central point of access for staff to gain access to training videos, guides and documentation related to agile working which can be accessed from any mobile, tablet or laptop devices

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Wellbeing App providing quick and easy access to employee resources and advanced functionality like an anonymous chat feature

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Safety & Incident Reporting App (SIRF) providing a central point for all logging and reporting of safety incidents – samples as shown below

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School Feedback System built to provide a central location for students and teachers to provide feedback on lessons attended – samples as shown below

SharePoint Examples

The following demonstrate different designs for company intranets and extranets developed by myself, the first two pictures are fully dynamic content pulled through from various sharepoint sites, lists and pages – the later two are static designs intended for infrequently changing information.

The final image shows an example of a customised Modern site using SPfx application customizer – in this example the footer link “My Team Site” link is dynamically created and stored in cache (per session) for the user based on their department

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Custom Forms

The following showcase some example forms built in SharePoint which are using my own custom JQuery library which handles all responsive elements of the form, allows for complete customisation of mandatory fields, data validation, auto-filling of fields (from Office 365 data) and more.

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PowerAutomate (previously MS Flow)

The following showcase some sample MS Flows I’ve developed previously in the past for numerous scenarios including scheduled tasks to check and remove Consent Management Records for a GDPR consent management system

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Style everything – even e-mails!

Keeping the sites, forms and apps looking stylish is great but then using the stock e-mail templates to send out those all important e-mails is a bad idea! So, where possible I try to keep everything looking stylish including the e-mail notifications that are sent out via SharePoint 2013 Designer workflows and Office 365 PowerAutomate workflows.

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Other samples of SharePoint customisation’s

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Not Just a Developer

As well as being a developer & systems architect who enjoys building websites, systems and solutions to aid businesses achieve their goals and work efficiently I also have a passion for graphical design and am experienced with GIMP & Photoshop as well as being a proficient trainer who is able to help users identify with the benefits behind proposed solutions and system

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