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Month: April 2016

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Create custom list search in SharePoint Online

There are many different occasions when you may be required to setup some custom search features on a list or library, this could be searching for any type of field on any number of fields. However in this scenario we…


Use PowerShell to create an item in a SharePoint List

In this post we’ll look at use PowerShell to create an item in a SharePoint List pulling the information from a CSV file One scenario for this could be for example having an on-premise system with no external cloud access…

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Sharepoint force download file instead of opening in browser

What do you do when you have a template file or files that you want users to edit, such as company forms created in Word but you don’t want everyone to be opening up the online version and start modifying…


Force open documents in Word or Excel desktop application

There will always be occasions where you will have the need to open a Word or Excel document in the desktop application instead of opening it within the web browser. This could be for example due to the document not…