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SharePoint Useful Tricks

Update a SharePoint Hyperlink field via a Workflow

One great feature in SharePoint is the Hyperlink/Picture field which allows URLs or pictures to be added to a SharePoint list quickly and easily, one frequent requirement that crosses my path is the need to update a SharePoint hyperlink field via…

Check if date in SharePoint field is before today’s date

A recent requirement I came across was the need to verify that a date being entered into a SharePoint form field was not before today’s date, and if it was then throw back an error message. Oh what to do?

Add a new User Custom Action to a site collection in SharePoint

Use the code below to create a new User Custom Action which will automatically run on ALL pages within a site collection, this is very useful for creating global design themes or code files that you want to run across…

Get all custom user actions on a site collection in PowerShell

If you ever need to get a full listing of all of the customer user actions setup within a site collection this is a simple way of achieving this, simply enter the code in PowerShell and update the relevant fields…

Enable or disable a site feature in SP 2013/Online

Use the code listed in the embed below to add or remove a feature on a site – un-comment the relevant section to set the script to enable or disable the feature

Create Modern Communications site in SharePoint Online using powershell

With the introduction of Modern Sites in SharePoint there are a few ways you can create Modern sites including via the GUI screen, however what do you do if the creation of sites has been locked down to only allow…

Create Modern Portal SharePoint site in SharePoint Online using powershell

Use the script below to create a new Modern Portal site within SharePoint Online using c# PowerShell

Programmatically check-in files in a library

Use the code below to programmatically check-in and publish all files within a document library in SharePoint Online

Setting up app access from SharePoint to Azure Active Directory via Microsoft’s Graph

If you’ve ever come across the problem of not being able to access certain information outside of sharePoint then you’ll probably need to take a look at Microsoft Graph, the multi-platform API repository for connecting all of Microsoft tenancy services…

Office 365 Documents Permalinks SharePoint Useful Tricks URLs

Sharepoint force download file instead of opening in browser

What do you do when you have a template file or files that you want users to edit, such as company forms created in Word but you don’t want everyone to be opening up the online version and start modifying…