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Check if date in SharePoint field is before today’s date

A recent requirement I came across was the need to verify that a date being entered into a SharePoint form field was not before today’s date, and if it was then throw back an error message. Oh what to do?

Start a workflow programatically using JavaScript & JQuery

A few projects I’ve worked on required the need to start a workflow programatically using JavaScript, this is achieved by having the user click a link somewhere (such as in an e-mail) which takes them to a page where the…

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Custom list column sizes in SharePoint 2010 and 2013

Ever needed to limit the size of the columns of your SharePoint list to specific widths for different columns? Here’s one way of doing it..

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Pop up notification

In this post we’ll look at creating a pop-up notification using Javascript, HTML and CSS. The end result will be a little man point at a monitor in the bottom right hand side of the screen for 6 seconds (can…

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Create custom list search in SharePoint Online

There are many different occasions when you may be required to setup some custom search features on a list or library, this could be searching for any type of field on any number of fields. However in this scenario we…

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One very useful tool at our disposal is the ability to start Workflows via JavaScript with the use of JQuery (you can replace the JQuery parts to make it full JavaScript if required) This is great for creating custom actions…

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Calculate business days between two date period

Ever needed to work out how many business days exist between one date and another? Look no further! The below calculation came about as part of a need to calculate case deadlines based on business days only (i.e excluding weekends)….

Modify the Asset Picker folder locations in SharePoint

One of the annoying features of the asset picker within SharePoint is the inability to restrict which sites and libraries show up within the left hand navigation window so you can’t restrict what users see and what they can select…