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Month: July 2018

Iterate through all items in a SharePoint list using JSOM

The following code can be used to iterate through all of the items within a list and pull out all of the relevant fields from each item. This is very useful for building your own content using the data stored…

Check-in, publish and approve all items within a specific list in all sites within a tenancy

Publish all files in a document library programatically using Powershell and SharePoint Online What is a Publishing enabled site? A SharePoint publishing site is a classic site that’s built using a publishing site template. It’s a site where authoring and…

Get all sites in a SharePoint Online Tenancy

In order to Get all sites from within an SharePoint Online tenancy we can run a pretty simple PowerShell script which then exports all of the information into a text file. This is great for auditing purposes:

Get all deleted sites within SharePoint Admin Centre

Use the script below to get all of the deleted sites in the SharePoint Admin Recycle bin for your tenancy

Export all tags from the term store taxonomy in SharePoint Online

To extract all of the terms within a term store taxonomy use the following PowerShell script changing the fields to match your own tenancy details

Add a new User Custom Action to a site collection in SharePoint

Use the code below to create a new User Custom Action which will automatically run on ALL pages within a site collection, this is very useful for creating global design themes or code files that you want to run across…

Get all custom user actions on a site collection in PowerShell

If you ever need to get a full listing of all of the customer user actions setup within a site collection this is a simple way of achieving this, simply enter the code in PowerShell and update the relevant fields…

Add a site owner to a OneDrive Account

If you need to programmatically add a user as a site owner to a OneDrive site (granting that person access to the other users OneDrive and all of their files) then use the following PowerShell script:

Enable or disable a site feature in SP 2013/Online

Use the code listed in the embed below to add or remove a feature on a site – un-comment the relevant section to set the script to enable or disable the feature

Create Modern Communications site in SharePoint Online using powershell

With the introduction of Modern Sites in SharePoint there are a few ways you can create Modern sites including via the GUI screen, however what do you do if the creation of sites has been locked down to only allow…