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Create Modern Portal SharePoint site in SharePoint Online using powershell

Use the script below to create a new Modern Portal site within SharePoint Online using c# PowerShell

<p># Connect to SharePoint Online<br>
# This command will prompt the sign-in UI to authenticate<br>
Connect-PnPOnline "" –Credentials (Get-Credential)</p>
<p># Create the new "modern" team site<br>
$teamSiteUrl = New-PnPSite -Type TeamSite -Title "TITLE FOR THE SITE" -Alias "My site alias" -Description "site for storing and managing all collaboration" -Url<br>
# Connect to the modern site using PnP PowerShell SP cmdlets<br>
# Since we are connecting now to SP side, credentials will be asked<br>
Connect-PnPOnline $teamSiteUrl</p>
<p># Now we have access on the SharePoint site for any operations<br>
$context = Get-PnPContext<br>
$web = Get-PnPWeb<br>
$context.Load($web, $web.WebTemplate)<br>
$web.WebTemplate + "#" + $web.Configuration</p>

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